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About Pecan Jacks
Ice Creamery & Candy Kitchen

It’s the first question from the backseat as soon as the kids see the first signs that they’re actually at the beach. They’re now officially on vacation. And, here comes the question!

Let’s Get Started!

    “What night are we going to Pecan Jacks for ice cream?”

    This is what our customers say! Right after we see their huge smiles, just after walking in the door, they tell us they’ve talked about Pecan Jacks since leaving home for vacation!

    Everyone knows that at Pecan Jacks, we love to offer our delicious samples! Our fans get to try as much of our chocolate candy treats and our rich and creamy ice cream as they want before typically settling on their favorite from their last visit!

    93% of our customers say they’ll visit Pecan Jacks again and would refer a friend!
    72% of our customers say they mention Pecan Jacks by name when discussing things they’ll do while on vacation!
    58% of our customers say they come back for ice cream. 52% of our customers say they come back for our chocolate candies. 79% of our customers say they come back for both!

    Yes, Pecan Jacks is a tradition! And, tradition means repeat customers!

    Is Pecan Jacks an Ice Cream Shop, Candy Shop, or Both? Yes! Exploring the Delights of a Pecan Jacks Ice Cream and Candy Franchise

    From pralines & cream and Baileys salted caramel to fan favorite banana pudding, our homemade ice creams, each rich and creamy scoop, are made onsite in the Pecan Jacks Kitchen. And, all that chocolate goodness our fans talk about, that’s made in our kitchen too!

    Never made ice cream before?

    That’s ok, not only are we great at making the world’s best ice cream (ok, we haven’t checked with everyone in the world, but you’ll see!), we’re great at teaching franchise owners how to make it.

    We’re pretty sure you’re not an experienced candy maker either, right?

    Not to worry. Our southern ice cream and candy kitchen is filled with amazing chocolates, pralines, brittles, candies, and homemade sauces. We’ll teach you to make them all!

    We’re an ice cream shop! We’re a candy shop! That’s why Pecan Jacks fans love us and keep coming back!

    A Favorite Secret Ingredient

    In 2009 when Tim Wyatt, our co-founder who started Pecan Jacks along with his wife Ronnie, first started tinkering with our now-famous delicious recipes, he knew he was on to something when he decided that bourbon-infused ice cream sounded pretty tasty!

    And. It. Was. He loved it! And, then he tested rum. And, then he tested amaretto! And, then he tried the same with his chocolate candy recipes, passed down from his grandmother by the way.

    Yep, he loved what he was creating!

    We know what you might be thinking, so we’ll answer that question now. No, not all of our ice cream and chocolates are infused with spirits.

    Now that that’s out of the way, check out some of the best-sellers from our popular adult menu:

    Bourbon-Infused Ice Cream

    Caribbean Rum Pralines

    Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Pecans

    Limoncello Caramel Sauce

    Now, we’ll answer the second question we know you’re about to ask.

    Yes, just like Pecan Jacks fans who visit our stores (21 years or older of course), you’ll get to sample these amazing spirit-filled ice creams and candies when you come for your franchise Discovery Day!

    How Pecan Jacks Got Its Start

    It was 2009. As the co-owners of a successful commercial printing company that shipped millions of business cards to clients across the United States, Ronnie Wyatt and her husband Tim decided it was time to turn their passion into a business!

    For three years Ronnie worked on that special touch that would eventually lead to the selling of the printing business and the opening of a Florida-panhandle ice cream and candy shop, and the beginning of Pecan Jacks ice cream and candy store franchise.

    That special touch? As you may have guessed, it was bourbon. And, rum. Sometimes Amaretto.

    The Pecan Jacks ice cream and candy store franchise opened its first location in the popular tourist destination town of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, on the famous 30A strip. A second location was opened just down the beach in Destin, Florida.

    Residents of Santa Rosa Beach and Destin and the thousands of beach go-ers who visit these communities are sure glad they did!

    The Pecan Jacks Leadership Team

    Meet Ronnie and Tim, the dynamic duo behind the delectable transformation of confections into exquisite masterpieces of flavor. With a passion for culinary innovation and a shared journey that began as high school sweethearts, their story is as heartwarming as their treats are palate-pleasing.

    Drawing from years of experience, Ronnie and Tim have mastered the art of infusing flavors into confections to unlock the true potential of each product. From ice creams that tantalize taste buds to candies that ignite senses, their creations stand as a testament to their dedication and expertise. Through meticulous testing and refinement, they’ve perfected a process that showcases their commitment to innovation, ensuring every scoop and bite is a moment of pure delight.

    Starting their professional journey at the age of 24 in the world of printing, Ronnie and Tim’s bond has grown stronger over the years as they ventured into the realm of ice cream and candy production. Their partnership, both in business and in life, is a testament to their unbreakable connection and shared goals. This commitment to collaboration and synergy is mirrored in every aspect of Pecan Jacks’ success.

    Beyond their prowess in the confectionery realm, Ronnie and Tim are devoted advocates of family values, spreading happiness, and embracing the joys of a carefree coastal lifestyle. Their love for the Santa Rosa Beach community shines through in their creations, as does their unwavering dedication to crafting moments of joy for their customers.

    The journey of Pecan Jacks has been nothing short of a dream realized. For Ronnie and Tim, owning this franchise has transcended mere business success – it has paved the way for them to call Santa Rosa Beach home and to share the magic of Pecan Jacks with countless individuals.

    Their story serves as an inspiration for those who yearn to transform dreams into reality, to embrace the smiles on customers’ faces, and to create a life that embodies fulfillment and contentment.

    Now, Ronnie and Tim invite you to join their exceptional journey. Owning a Pecan Jacks franchise isn’t just about running a business; it’s about embarking on a path towards achieving dreams, just as they did.

    Whether your heart lies by the coast, amidst mountains, in a bustling city, or in a thriving town, a Pecan Jacks franchise offers the promise of realizing your aspirations while bringing joy to others.

    In the world of confections and beyond, Ronnie and Tim stand as leaders who have not only crafted delectable treats but also woven a tale of love, passion, and the power of dreams fulfilled.