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Should You Open an Ice Cream Franchise this year? Find Out Why the Answer is Yes!

by | Jul 17, 2023 | ice cream


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Are Americans still as enamored with ice cream as ever before? Do the dessert enthusiasts of this nation still yearn for two scoops of sugar cone delight on a balmy summer evening? Let’s sprinkle some joy! Is ice cream consumption by families during vacations as prevalent as it used to be in previous years? Inquire about the delightful world of ice cream franchises!

According to the Census Bureau, Americans consume about 20 pounds of ice cream each per year, with July being the busiest month for ice cream production, followed by May and June. That’s about 4 gallons of ice cream per person.

That sounds like the potential to sell a lot of ice cream and have many people leave your store with big smiles, but are those good enough reasons to open an ice cream franchise?

Even though you’ll get a resounding “yes” in this article, it’s best to dig a few scoops deeper as you’re no doubt searching for the best ice cream franchises for sale.

Understand Why You Want to Open an Ice Cream Franchise

Step one is to understand your motivation for starting any business, an ice cream franchise or another. Are you looking for financial independence? Being your boss sounds like it’s for you.

Do you have a passion that won’t go away and have tasted rich and creamy ice cream from so many ice cream franchises that you’ve always told yourself you’d own an ice cream shop one day?

You need to know your “why.” Or your “whys,” as the case may be.

Knowing your “whys” will allow you to set goals and make informed decisions. Your big-picture planning, hiring, marketing, and overall approach to owning your own business are driven by your “whys.”

Understanding your “whys” and motivations will help you select an ice cream franchise that resonates with
your goals and allows you to deliver a product and experience you know your customers will rave about!

Understanding why you want to open an ice cream franchise will enable you to connect with your targeted customers. Do you want to offer a nostalgic experience? Will you focus on unique products others don’t have or stick to traditional ice cream flavors? Will you only offer ice cream, or are there other products you desire to be in the mix?

Knowing your “whys” will allow you to create an authentic story that attracts customers who share your passion for ice cream and enhances their overall experience!

Reasons to Purchase an Ice Cream Franchise vs. Starting a New Business from Scratch

You’ve got two choices. Start your ice cream shop or find an ice cream franchise for sale. Let’s start with what it will take to start your ice cream shop from scratch. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

A Strategic business plan.
Ice cream recipes that have been tested and proven.
A name for your business, with knowledge of copyrights and trademarks.
Experience in location selection and real estate negotiation.
Contacts within the supply chain for items necessary to operating your ice cream business.
Experience in hiring and training new employees.
A marketing plan and the ability to execute the plan.
Experience with Point of Sale systems.

That’s just a few bullet-pointed business basics for starting and operating a business from scratch that might have you already considering that an ice cream franchise may provide you with a better opportunity for opening the business you’ve always dreamed about.

What Advantages Does an Ice Cream Franchise Provide?

Simply put, a franchise is a business system where franchise owners pay a fee to the franchisor to utilize and grow an existing brand, usually within a specified geographic territory.
The Federal Trade Commission regulates the business arrangement to protect both parties, and a Franchise Agreement communicates the deal’s details.
To make it even simpler, the franchisor has laid the foundation for the franchisee with a business outline and local plan that includes processes for operations, employee training, business systems, technical support and consulting, marketing tools, and business development.
For the right to operate the business, in this case, an ice cream franchise, the franchisee pays an initial and ongoing fee, both of which are disclosed before an agreement is signed, through a Franchise Disclosure Document, receiving ongoing support from the franchisor.


What’s the Best Ice Cream Franchise to Open?

You’re back to your “whys.” The best ice cream franchise for you to own and operate is the one that best fits your overall business and personal goals.

There are large ice cream franchises that also serve hamburgers and french fries. Do you want to be in the hamburger business?

You can find ice cream franchises for sale that have been around since the 1940s and have multiple locations in many, if not all, of the largest designated marketing areas in the country.

There are ice cream franchises solely offering ice cream and not other products.

Within the ice cream franchise sector, there is something for everyone.

What is your “why”?

The Right Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity is What You’re Looking for.

Everyone is different. It’s why they make chocolate and vanilla, right? In the case of one up-and-coming ice cream franchise, you’ll find the chocolate and vanilla might sometimes be infused with a bourbon lover’s favorite bourbon or a top-shelf rum.

While not all their ice cream flavors are spirits-infused, Pecan Jacks Ice Creamery and Candy Kitchen have offered unique flavors since they opened their first ice cream and candy shop in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, in 2017.

The company opened a second location in Destin, Florida, and has been keeping smiles on the faces of locals and Florida panhandle vacationers ever since.

Now, Pecan Jacks has decided to allow others to have their chance at success by entering the ice cream franchise sector. And Pecan Jacks offers so much more than ice cream. From award-winning pralines and brittles to mouth-watering toffees, chocolates, homemade sauces, and a corporate gift program, Pecan Jacks is a new family favorite just waiting to be opened in markets nationwide.

The Pecan Jacks team provides site selection, kitchen, operations and customer service training, marketing services, and ongoing franchisee support for this fantastic, multi-revenue stream ice cream franchise business opportunity.

Speak to the Pecan Jacks team to learn their “ways” to determine if it’s the best ice cream franchise fit for you!